COVID-19 Concerns?

Why a jack-of-all (many)-trades can be
an ideal person to have on your crew
in times of  COVID-19.
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COVID-19 has brought about massive changes in film production. Large unionized film productions will handle safety with layers of staff with controlled proximity and military-grade protocols. Smaller productions have to use different tools.

In normal times I would be the first to recommend a sufficiently large and specialized crew for any given job. The results consistently show up on screen when you shoot that way. These, however, are not normal times. 2020 will be the year of the multi-hyphenate film worker. That is, a production can reduce risk by reducing staff, which can only be done when individual crew members can do double, or more, duty. That is where I come in.

With my varied and extensive experience, I could be your first AD slash sound man, for example. Or, a first AD slash picture editor in which the AD will only try and shoot what the editor needs. Or, a sound man who could help light. Or, an AD who can run a second camera. I can help with my knowledge of post-production tricks during shooting to dynamically adapt shooting/posting methods to comply with health needs. The flexibility I can add to a small production may be just what you need.

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